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Efficient Energy Choices was founded in 2005 by Karim Ghobrial. Karim is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. In 1998 he completed a thesis on renewable energy which, in 1999, won an award over Australia and New Zealand. The thesis was on solar power, 'The New Power from the Sun'.

Since 2005, Efficient Energy Choices has experienced rapid growth through excellent customer service, quick turnaround and word of mouth.  Efficient Energy Choices was founded to assist companies and inpiduals to design energy efficient buildings to comply with the Codes and Regulations, save on costs of utilities and reduce green house emissions.

Efficient Energy Choices has made a commitment to:

  1. Maintain prices as competitive as possible;
  2. Use cost-effective solutions and designs, so 5-star and 6-star compliance can be achieved without many additional expenses (i.e. minimising or preventing double-glazing and other materials).

Our clients are often surprised to find that 5-star and 6-star ratings for new homes and Part J (Section J) compliance for commercial buildings can be obtained with minimal additional cost to the owner or developer.  With experience, intelligent energy efficiency rating and cost-effective solutions, it can be achieved.   We take pride in what we do. 


To be a highly regarded National Leader in Energy Efficiency Consulting. 


To provide outstanding customer service and energy efficiency consulting to clients in the areas of residential and commercial building.

To support worthy causes such as those rescuing children from human trafficking, and supporting young orphans and disadvantaged children around the world.

We currently sponsor 4 children abroad.


  • Personable and professional service 
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Excellence
  • Passion