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Did you know?

The places in which we live and work have a huge impact on our environment, green house gases, the economy and health.  Residential and Commercial buildings account for about 40% of our total carbon emissions, about 42% of our total energy consumed, 12% of our drinking water and indoor air quality that can be up to 5 times worse than outside are.

An energy efficient designed building can reduce energy consumption by up to approximately 60% and water usage by approximately 30%. Meaning that in summer and winter, the building will be comfortable without significant air conditioning and artificial lighting. Hence, not only making it more comfortable, but saving significant amounts of utility bills. This is one verdict from energy efficient building.

The second verdict is to reduce Climate Change and environmental issues. The world is rapidly growing. More and more energy is being consumed. More natural resources such as coal, gas and oil are being consumed. Depleting the world's natural resources quickly and in the long run, these resources will be very expensive to purchase because of their shortage. Because of this substantial energy consumption, these natural resources have been used to generate electricity to meet the ever increasing world's demand. Thus generating significant carbon emissions and green house gases into the atmosphere.

According to scientists, these gases are the cause of Climate Change, which causes droughts and increased temperatures in some areas. In other areas, the causes are floods. And in other areas, the causes are severe winter storms and lower temperatures. The world's climate is changing. It has been noted that some coastal islands are on the verge of 'wipe-out' because higher sea levels, because of Climate Change.

The affects of Climate Change can be reduced and controlled by being energy efficient. Meaning using less energy or reducing daily energy consumption towards things like heating, cooling, artificial lighting and amenities. By being energy efficient, it also means consuming less of the world's natural resources and generating less carbon emissions and green house gases. This is the 'core' consulting business at Efficient Energy Choices. To assist clients by providing 5-star quality service and cost-effective solutions to reduce both their utility bills and green house emissions by becoming energy efficient, whether it is for a new building or alteration to existing. Contact us now for advice.